Sunday, September 4, 2011

Derby Girl Drama 2012 Calendar

I'm currently immersed in a Roller Derby Drama™ 2012 Calendar project. It's on Kickstarter Check it:

In the world of Roller Derby Drama™ all Derby Girls have super powers and are immersed in super drama, from their personal lives to preventing crimes against the cosmos. Our desire for this project is to usher in the cataclysmic new year with a Roller Derby Drama™ 2012 Calendar while engaging the public consciousness further with the progress women have made over the course of a century. (This has been researched by Lainie Petersen)

The project is loosely based on the Chicago Outfit Roller Derby Team™ (CORDT) and the many colorful and expressive personas on the team.Artist Andrew Mitchell Kudelka and creator Charles D. Moisant with the help of the kinetic ladies of CORDT are set to bring you a mad mash of iconic super hero imagery and high octane Roller Derby action and beauty! See the beginnings of the Roller Derby Drama™ Comic Book series unfold here!

All funds will be used to print and help promote the 2012 calendar and future Roller Derby Drama™ projects.