Thursday, September 24, 2009

Commission Sketch: ROBIN (Dick Grayson)

A sketch (in various stages) made at the request of Neftali Morales at Windy City Comic Con (9.19.09). His preference was for the classic, original Robin from creators Bill Finger and Bob Kane. The pencil, ink, and ink wash stages were done by hand; coloring was done digitally.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Commission Sketch: DUNE SANDWORMS

I've started to do commission sketch contests on Facebook ( using Movie/Book Quotes in my status update as incentive. Whoever answers correctly 1st will receive a sketch of a character from that Movie or Book. The only thing I ask is for the winner to pay S&H.

So far Bryan Powell won a DUNE sketch for correctly answering the "Fear is a mind killer" quote from the movie. He requested SANDWORMS. Cool! That's easy enough. I didn't plan on making commissions in this manner, so I blame Bryan for giving me the initial great idea for something that makes sense to do. He never expected one, however I feel honored and humbled to even have fans of my work and don't mind rewarding them for following my blogs, tweets and published material.